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Mica is one of the most important mineral ingredients in cosmetics, used widely to add shimmer and sparkle. Basically, if a product has a shimmering effect, its almost definitely MICA. It is also popular in skin care products designed to give a glowing effect, particularly those marketed as brightening or illuminating. Because it is naturally produced, it is particularly well-loved ingredient among organic and natural beauty brands and is safe to use on almost all skin types with little to no side effects.

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When mica powder is mixed with water or glycerol, its glossiness, whiteness, creaminess, dispersion and adhesion increases greatly. It also forms a very rich texture and hence becomes the first choice of top end beauty cosmetic brands.

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Cosmetic mica powder is a natural mineral product, with high chemical stability, is completely inert hence safe, non-toxic, harmless and suitable for cosmetic requirements. Mica powder plate can shield ultraviolet and infrared, so it is an excellent anti-UV agent to be used in cosmetics.


The plate is very thin but has a strong coverage, so with only a small amount of this product, one can form a layer of invisible anti-UV protection agent and brightener. As the cosmetic mica powder plate is subtle, the coverage on the skin is not continuous, so it does not affect the skin’s breathability and the skin feels comfortable. Moisture cannot penetrate the mica plate, for moisturizing products can inhibit the evaporation of skin moisture. So the protective layer can delay the evaporation of water to improve the skin’s moisture.

Hand wash Mica

Our Mica Powder & Pearl Powder is used in

  • Hand wash,
  • Shampoo,
  • foundation,
  • eye shadow,
  • rouge, lipsticks, lip gloss,
  • blush on,
  • cc cream,
  • blusher rouge,
  • makeup powders,
  • eyebrow pencils, eye shadow pen,
  • vanishing cream, cold cream,
  • nail polish, nail UV/led polish gel,
  • hair spray,
  • tooth paste
  • herbal medicines,
  • perfume, body lotions & body cream, soap etc.

We can control smoothness, adhesiveness and gloss, transparency

Performances : Improve texture, provide glossy feeling,, caking prevention

SI No.Product NameMESH SIZERemarks
 1COS C 101250Super fine particle, Matte finish, High Performance Items
 2COS U 80250High brightness, Glitter effect, Glossy and luster.
 3COS C 70250Silky Smooth,  Silver brightness, Glitter effect with Luster
 4COS C 25800Super fine Particle, Silky Smooth, Glitter Effect with high luster.

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