Business are powerful constituents of society and the most successful, respected and desirable business exists to do much more than make money; They exists to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

We at PARAS MICA believe corporate social responsibility is a critical mission that is at the heart of everything that it does, how it thinks and what it is. PARAS MICA is committed to integrating environmental, social and ethical principles into the core business, there by enhancing long term stake holder value and touching the lives of everyone associated with it.

Here’s a look at some of the initiatives we undertake and support:


Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world; and to bring about this change, we focus on providing access to study materials and scholarships to children of our workforce.

Health and Safety:

Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is an absolute priority for both our employees and the community upon which we depend. We minimize all risks to health and safety using global best practices. PARAS PEARL has pledged to each employee a safe and healthy place to work. All fire-fighting equipment, electrical equipment, air quality, noise and hazardous materials is subject to continuous inspection by factory-employed professionals.

Child Labour Prohibition:

Child labour is a phenomenon that tarnishes image of Indian Industry. We at PARAS PEARL makes sure that all our employees are above the age of 18. Birth records of all prospects are checked and recorded to confirm this. We also make sure that our partners in the supply chain also conforms to our standards on this matter

Women Empowerment:

Women in our country face the hardship of gender inequality. To change this situation we give equal opportunity to them in employment, so that they can become independent socio-economically.


PARAS PEARL is very conscious about the environmental problems facing this world. To have minimum negative impact on our surroundings and resources, we undertake initiatives like recycling our water, planting trees on our premises, controlling discharge of our plants and using energy efficient technology and equipment in our factories.

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