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Mica is having unique combination of Physical, chemical and Thermal properties , low power loss factor, Dielectric constant and Dielectric strength. Mica is fire proof , stable and completely inert to action of water, acid, oil and solvents. Its is unaffected by atmospheric acids and chemicals.  It has high dielectric strength.

Welding Electrodes :

Electrodes 2

Mica Powder is  used in the manufacturing of welding electrodes as a flux coating on the metal wire. Its very  important Part of welding Electrode, as the quality is determined by use of Mica .

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Mica is added flux with which welding electrodes are coated as arc stabilizers, weld pool protectors, fluxing agents, slag modiers, binders, extrusion agents and pigments.

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Mica coating provides two distinct types of protection & Benefits

  • Firstly, it serves in forming a fusible slag and a good seal at the fusion zone of the arc.
  • Secondly, it resists the action of heat, gaseous and other surrounding atmospheric oxidation.
  • Mainly , it is the nature of mica coating that largely determines the quality of welding electrodes.
SI No.Product NameMESH SIZERemarks
 1C 20325Calcined Mica Powder, Superfine powder, Smooth , used in welding Electrode. 
 2G 6060Fine powder, Welding Electrode, Flux etc
 3G 100100Used in Welding Rod, Filler for Electrical insulation’s compound
 4CG 60 60Calcined Mica powder, Used in welding Fluxes, High quality products,

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