Wet Ground

It is prepared from grinding and breaking of mica scrap namely by Dry Ground process & Wet ground process. The production is economically carried out in the pulverisers transforming into mica powders of different particle sizes. Meticulous care and precaution is taken to avoid deterioration of its natural brilliance, colour and properties.

Manufactured from the purest muscovite mica, by a slow, frictional delamination process, this unique mica powder finds a wide variety of applications in industries like rubber, Plastic, paints and cosmetics etc.

We produce Wet Mica powder from range of 20 Mesh to 1250 Mesh for wide industrial applications.

Dry Ground

Dry ground mica form a non- lustrous highly laminated products with a high aspect ratio whereas wet grinding produces thin, flat platelets with high lustrer and good slip.

We produce Mica powder from range of 10 Mesh to 1250 Mesh for wide range of industrial application.

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