Gypsum Board:

Gypsum board series

Significant volume of Mica Powder are used as a filler in light weight pre-fabricated gypsum wallboards, slabs and panels for building constructions.

Mica flakes manufacturers fabricate these to split the wall of houses for preventing noise, heat & ultra violet rays.

wallboard - Pic2

Mica Powder is a cost effective filler and extender in wallboard joint cement compounds. It is used for filling and finishing the joints, seams and blemishes on gypsum wallboard, between adjacent sheets and other structural constructions. Mica acts as a reinforcing agent improving the workability of compound by preventing cracking, eliminating peeling and reducing shrinkage.

Asphaltic Products:

Ashpaltic products 1

Mica Powder is used as an inert filler to asphalt and bituminous compositions. Applied as a surface coating to rolled asphalt roofing. It increases hardness and resistance to mechanical stress and weathering.

Asphaltic tar

Mica prevents sticking of adjacent surfaces during manufacture and storage. The coating is not absorbed by freshly manufactured roofing because of the platy structure of mica. It imparts glistening appearance and enhances durability of the roofing product.

Foundries & Refractory Bricks :

Refractory 1

Mica Powder is used as facing agents to prevent defects and improve the surface of the finish casting. It allows gas to escape enabling the metal to completely ll the mould before hardening. Mica is added to the coating applied to foundry cores and moulds to avert sand burn in metal casting and moulding. It protects the sand from direct contact with molten metal so that they can be re-used for fresh moulds. Mica is also used as an annealing agent for metal treatment because of its high insulation properties.

Foundry and refractory

Mica Powder is used in the manufacture of insulating bricks, slabs, blocks and tiles because of its excellent thermal and insulating properties. Since mica bricks can safely withstand extreme temperatures of 1000C, it keeps heat losses to minimum, minimizes energy consumption, reduces operating costs, enhances furnace efficiency and improves furnace room condition. An additional advantage of mica bricks is stability after long use.


Foundry 1


Cermaics Mica 1

Improving performance of mold release and fire-proof of building material boards, provide machinability

Ceramics 2

Oil Field Drilling :

Oil fields 21

Mica is used as Mud additives in drilling fluids to prevent loss of circulation , and as a sealant. Mica is good Sealant because the particles overlap each other sticking to the side of hole and creating a sealed wall.

Oil fields 2

Other Industrial Series - Ceramics, Refractory, Oil Fields & Special sizes requirements:

SI no.ProductsMesh SizesRemarks
1G 1010Used in Oil fields, Ceramics, Refractory
2G 2020Oil fields applications ,
3G 4040Ceramics, Paints, coatings, Refractory etc
4G 6060Brake , Dampness , Brake application
5G 100100Used in Ceramics, Filler, Oil field applications
6C 2032599% Pure , Multipurposes, Ultra finest material
7C 101000Super fine Mica, with high performance and High quality.

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