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Mica Powder in various forms is obtained by delaminating and grinding mica flakes, which is a slow, costly and extremely complicated process, because of the scrap being tough and having a plate like structure. We have developed process which gives excellent and high luster Mica Powder. Our wet ground powder is far superior in quality due to our unique process systems in washing, refining, delaminating, screening and drying. Our manufacturing technique retains the structure of Mica Flakes, reduces the thickness ratio, makes it highly pure & whiter, gives it pearly luster and smoother finish, has lower sand and iron content.
We use raw materials from selected mines to get the high quality and right price. Some special features like being very thin, flat and smooth surface, good skin adhesion, high slip, high spread, very good transparency, high glossiness, high oil absorption, high bulk density etc. makes our Wet Ground Mica Powder excellent to use.

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MUSCOVITE WET GROUND MICA POWDER of superior quality is used in large proportion in production of PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS because of its reflective and refractive properties and its ability to reproduce artificially a “mother of pearl” or nacreous colours from silver white through all shades of the rainbow varying from a silky luster to a glittering sparkle. Mica have high refractive index (greater than sparkle) and a good chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.

Pearlescent Pigment

We are producing wide range of Wet Ground Mica Powder like

  • 1-15μm,
  • 5-25μm,
  • 10-40μm,
  • 10-60μm,
  • 30-70μm,
  • 10-100μm,
  • 20-100μm,
  • 30-150μm,
  • 40-200μm,
  • 40-300 microns for Pearlescent Pigment Industries.
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 1 C 200 40-200um CALCINED POWDER , Glitter , Large particle size
 2 C100 10-100um CALCINED POWDER , Glitter effect, Luster, Silvery finish
 3 C 80 20-80um CALCINED POWDER , Ultra thin, High adhesion, Luster with oil absorption
 4 C 60 10-60um CALCINED POWDER , Silky Smooth, Glitter
 5 C 40 10-40um CALCINED POWDER , Silky Smooth, Glitter
 7 C 25 5-25um CALCINED POWDER, Glittery , superfine Powder, Luster and Silver effect
 7 U 80 10-70 um UNCALCINED POWDER, Bright white colour, Glitter and high luster

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